Like the colour master batches, our additive range can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our technical team are experts when it comes to using additives and are on hand to guide you through the range of suitable protective options.

UV protection

We are able to produce varying levels of UV protection to your products and once we have attained detailed usage information we can produce a suitable master batch that will protect your product from UV exposure.

Infrared protection

We often protect products against infrared and typical usage, for example swimming pools or ponds to prevent algae formation.

Slip additives

A range of slip master batches are also available to cover anything from thick mouldings to extrusion clear films.


Our anti-static master batches can provide ideal solutions to prevent the formation of dust on products.

Processing aids

We have a range of processing aid master batches available that can eliminate melt fractures of filmn and reduce wera and tear on machines resulting in increased efficiency.

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